Hommage – 45 cl

Collection Signature G.Basset
Capacity: 45 cl
Dimensions : H : 239 mm / Ø : 86 mm
Type of fabrication: Machine made, Ultralight
Type of wines :
Universal glasses
Champagne glasses
Red wine glasses
White and rosé wine glasses
Machine made
Lead-free Crystal

96,00  TTC

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Collection Signature G.Basset

Co-founding father of the Lehmann brand. Best Sommelier in the world.

The G.Basset Collection’s refined & pure lines celebrate the excellence of international wines and remind us that they are mostly a story of passion, emotion and sharing.

Machine made
This industrial process as well as our mastery of cold cutting provide great durability and resistance to the product while approaching the finesse and transparency of our mouth-blown collections.
After two years of research & development, the innovative “Ultralight” process is finally available. This manufacturing technique, combining exceptional finesse and optimal lightness, gives the “wow” effect of our signature mouth-blown and machine-blown collections!

Glass compatible with the dishwasher . Preferably, use a glass program.

However, we recommend manual washing in hot water , without detergent.

For more shine , wipe the glass with a micro-fiber cloth.

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Do not turn the base and the bowl in the opposite direction.

Impregnate a cloth with a few drops of white vinegar to restore the natural shine of the glass.