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Machine blown

High Performance lead-free crystal glass

Unique & unbeatable performance capable of producing quality machine-blown collections!

  • High level of brilliance and clarity
  • High resistance to impacts
  • High quality resonance
  • Hard wearing

Elegant, practical, long-lasting glasses revealing their full oenological properties during wine tasting!

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Mouth blown

Glass blowing is an art which goes back two thousand years and demands high levels of rigour, patience and know-how.

Working in association with Master Glassblowers, Lehmann Glass has designed modern, original collections manufactured according to traditional methods.

Mouth-blown glasses are of the highest quality and allow the freedom to create new forms.

The finesse, lightness and quality of mouth-blown glass makes every moment of wine tasting both unique and special!

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Maintenance handbook

We recommend to hand wash your glasses in order to assure a perfect finish for your wine tastings (see slideshow).


For the transparency and brightness of your glasses, we recommend the professional dishwasher Winterhalter

  • Hospitality : 2000 washing cycles with a osmosis device.
  • Domestic use : 1000 washing cycles (15 years time-frame)

Advice for glass endurance :

  • Do not place your glasses in a shelf with food, otherwise smells will fill glasses.
  • Before each tasting, scrub your class with a microfiber towel in order to bring them brightness.
  • If you notice stain on your glasses : use a towel soaked in drop of white vinegar and scrub. Then rinse with soft water.

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