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Jamesse Prestige

The search for excellence of the Lehmann Glass brand led Gérard Lehmann to work with Philippe JAMESSE. In 2016, we have evolved the collection towards more sensitivity. The curves of the Jamesse Prestige collection respect the development of carbonic gas and fluid’s movements in order to respond to ever-changing trends in Champagne wines.

  • The enhanced pointed base is a specific starting point for bubbles and creates an accurate swirl.
  • The broad and generous roundness of each glass provides an optimal stretch for the wine.
  • The glasses close slowly and give the aromatic fragrances time to break free.
  • Their transparency makes it easier to appreciate the different shades of colours.

"Current viticulture methods offer Champagne a wide variety of profiles and an infinite palette of tastes, colors and aging. The spherical shape of Jamesse Prestige glasses preserves and reveals the color shades and energy contained in Champagne wines."

Philippe Jamesse, Eighteen years at Domaine Les Crayères in Reims,‘‘Champagne Specialist’, Sommelier and wine consultant.

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